New Video Series Thoughts

Recently, Gnome On Pig Productions Incorporated has started with video production.  We have one secured series (which will be available for free via YouTube) in the works.

Our CEO, Alexis Allinson, has relayed these thoughts so far:

Hello to those who follow Gnome On Pig Productions Inc.;

It has been an exciting couple of days (January 17th & 18th) on the set of our affiliated video production series.

I have operated a video camera, used scientific equipment that I never knew existed up to a couple month ago, and interacted with professionals that I knew but gave me a whole new side of their personal lives.  I was able to connect with someone who was lost and be apart of their new positive future.  I didn’t know what to expect going into this venture and I am still foggy on it all but it is exciting and affirmative in it’s development.

I also have been given the opportunity to explore a side of myself that I keep extremely private.

Without saying anything too revealing (pending production protocol and contracts) I have had a new and positive outlook on what the future holds.  I hope that once everything is set and we can share further that it will be enlightening and positive to viewers and followers as well.

Thank you for being apart of this in our company evolution.

Alexis Allinson

CEO of Gnome On Pig Productions Inc.





Update Letter 2019 about 2018


Hello from Gnome On Pig Productions Incorporated!

Yes,you read that correctly. The first big change is a switch from a privatized company to a corporation. As Gnome On Pig Productions gained more interest and connections over 2018, we realized that we needed to grow. A privatized small company could not support this, so by going into a corporation we can keep moving forward.

Over the course of 2019 and moving into 2020 and beyond we will be continuing our company premise we have built on. Authors, illustrators and artists may notice a few small changes along the way and we hope you view them as a positive for the future.

The biggest change is the fact that as 2019 goes ahead we will be going corporate. The reasons are many and a few of them are revealed in this letter.

2018 was an interesting business year. I am not sure this letter will do it justice.

At the beginning of the year we did a call for submissions. A few of those are still working toward publication and a few didn’t work out. It was during some of this that I began to realize and discuss with my small crew of editors about changing to a corporation.

Two of the submissions that were not realized were attached to children’s television and toy productions. Gnome On Pig Productions was approached to handle the book production and distribution connected to these. We were going to solely be in the book publication portion, earning royalties from sales at an undetermined percentage over and above the cost of manufacturing. I cannot say this has failed as it is at a standstill. The studios wanted more from Gnome On Pig Productions and we needed to become a corporation to provide the more. Without boring everyone with the details moving into a corporation allows us to be “affiliated” with things like this without giving up our basic premise for the company or intruding on the right of the studio standards. I hope to announce the future of these two projects later on. All I am allowed to say at this time is that they have established bases for their productions and that filming and toy making is underway. As for the books, we have the templates and are waiting on a contract.

We also lost a couple of book publication contracts in 2018. We always lose a few here and there. That is nothing unusual but what happened was a cancellation in the eleventh hour so to speak. Many authors know the major costs of production is in the set up before the printing occurs. We do not charge for these services and will remain not charging for this. However, we had a couple of authors who took advantage of this and in the end cancelled but with the tools we already provided went ahead and either self published or took a polished work to another publication. Due to this we will be changing our submissions process. This does not affect those currently in the production process or those already published. It will only be for new submissions when we call for them outside of the authors, illustrators and artists we already work with. As a result we ran out of production money so -to-speak. Our business runs off of sales of books with our portion of royalties and a bit of financial backing of my own. I don’t mind putting money into my business but when it is used on projects that do not go to publication with the company I will admit I am more than a little frustrated. By moving to a corporation and I claim more of lost funds on my taxes which benefits the company as a whole.

What is affecting current publications? Two things mainly I believe will affect the current publications. The first is us going corporate. We will from here on in be known as Gnome On Pig Productions Incorporated or Gnome On Pig Productions Inc. or even G.O.P.P.I. We are NOT doing a major name change on the books spinal logo (it will still be G.O.P.P.) or any visual logo change at this time. Our current logo was designed by Elizabeth Eichelberger and it will remain so for the foreseeable future. People are recognizing the logo and to change it would not be beneficial to the company. What you will see is our use of more Gnome and Pigs outside of the standard logo to reinforce we are who we are. At this time I will also point out that Elizabeth has her own children’s book company “Petite Scribe” and has illustrated over 20 children’s books within the last five years including two we publish. If you wish to know more we often promote her things on our Twitter page, Facebook when we can and through our website of Gnome On Pig Productions (look for it under the Shopping tab).

The second is the other changes with Gnome On Pig Productions going corporate. Both are major steps forward. The first is a slight amendment to everyone’s publication contract. This includes those who are not yet in production. We see it as a positive move. As of March 1st, 2019 all publications move into a “FREE AGENT” publication contract. No more contract ends or renewals. What does this really mean? It means that your book(s) are published and available as always but should you be looking to move on you do not have a contract to break from. Instead you can leave your book in publication with us under the same terms but only have to give a 10 day notice to have them cancelled from publication systems so you can sign a new contract with someone else. The bonus is that you never have to have your book out of print (unless you choose to do so) while you look for another publication to take it on. We feel this is a positive as our book sales are in constant fluctuation. In the case of author and illustrator partnerships then both will have to agree on the dropping of the book from our systems. We are doing this as most of our monetary loss is during production and our new contracts will reflect this.

The second big move is we do have an affiliated series in productions with contracts approved. We are not able to say much now but if a current author, illustrator or artist is unhappy with our association (which really doesn’t effect their book publications) then they can drop Gnome On Pig Productions Incorporated without repercussions. However, we will not resign an author who has left us with their publication. We used to have a $250 USD fee to resign but we have now chosen to drop this. If you leave then you are gone. It is just better for business this way. We did have someone leave in 2017 and look to come back only a few month later because their other deal fell through. Any new company willing to publish your book we are confident will wait the 10 days for it to be gone from our system and won’t interfere with your contract with them. This affiliation part of the corporation will be added to contracts. Please ask further questions and I will answer them. Email me at or Both are valid emails.

Now, for the business down news. I have given you what I feel to be a lot of up but over 2018 there were a lot of downs going on business and personal. First, for those who do not know I will tell you the personal lows of the year. Those who are close to me do know most of this and though business and personal should be separate we all know this is a fallacy.

A lot of personal loss was to my family this year. Many times I fell into a manic depressive state and had to run away, so-to-speak to get my head wrapped around it. In February, I lost a close friend who was like a second mother to me. Pat was 77 and was taken away with a stroke. I was not informed by her daughter, whom I spoke with many times but instead found out from the obituary posting. I guess I expected too much from her family to be told personally. Many times I would talk to Pat over the phone or go to her house for a visit and we would discuss everything in and under the sun. I came to know her when I worked with her husband Frank (deceased at age 57, 10 years ago).

My next loss was my cat of 10 years, Emily 7. She was a shelter cat that had no teeth, was mostly blind and species confused as she often mimicked traits from other animals. She was 11 years old and had cancer choosing to leave us in May.

As for cancer, it took away my husband’s Aunt Arlene in August. Diagnosed with aggressive lung cancer in August of 2015 she finally succumbed to the ravages of the disease as it spread from her lungs to her body as a whole. She was 71.

Last but far from least was the sudden death of my nephew Michael at age 26. He was an Aviator with the Canadian Air Force. However, he did not die in the line of duty. He had gotten leave just before Christmas and was heading home to his girlfriend and family. He wanted it to be a surprise. He told no one of his plan except the officer he reports to on the base. On November 15th, he traveled toward home. He didn’t make it to his destination as a traffic accident in bad weather occurred. His sister (my niece) got a knock on the door from the police the next morning. Michael had touched many people in his short life. He was given a full military funeral including a metal that was going to be presented to him in the new year that he had no knowledge he had won. Michael was the first new baby I ever held. I was at the hospital the day he was born. We last saw each other physically just before he entered the military. We were not super close but I mourn the loss of the little boy I would babysit. I mourn the loss of the man he became and I cannot begin to feel the loss my sister has for her only son.

I thank you all for letting me vent here but it is time to go forward again.

2018 was not a great book selling year. Between my website provider not having emails to be read and able to update the website regularly because they were changing servers, I think much was lost. This was the worst book selling year we ever had. It isn’t until something goes down you realize it’s importance.

Thinking of these issues we are going to put a positive spin on this. We are going to advertise more on public media. We have to get a good turn around this year. I want every book to sell and be successful. Currently we have had a few ask about doing their book for free. THIS DOES NOT WORK! Not even for a short time. People love free things, this is a fact. However, I have noticed in a book series that if you give one away for free then the public will wait until the next one is free and so on. I am still unsure how to really infiltrate the masses but I will get there. Gnome On Pig Productions Incorporated currently has 1 book for free as an eBook. It has been this way from the start. As long as the author wishes to have it remain this way it will. I notice several times a year it is downloaded via Amazon. The book is a wonderful example of writing in the teen genre and also serves as an excellent example for the company. You can also get a copy of When Stars Die from Amber Skye Forbes for free via Amazon.

Business Promotional Changes:

  1. Consistently going to change the book flash ads. You may not see the same one twice.

  2. Visual commercials. We are now affiliated with a small business that does commercials. I am unsure at this time if there is anything more to report.

  3. Using our WordPress blog to our advantage. We have been ignoring this tool and we are going to stop that.

  4. Encouraging follows on social media. The more follows and then shares the better. We ask all of you to get involved with this. Shameless self promotion does work. Please do it for the company as a whole and not just on your publications.

  5. Growing and learning more. Give us ideas and let us know what else you are doing. A proven fact is if the general public feels apart of your life professionally and occasionally on a personal level they will be more likely to follow. Try it and watch how quickly they will grow on your own social pages.

  6. Consolidating social media. We are going to attempt to link more of our social media together to get things growing further. Once again I cannot stress enough for your participation in this. I don’t always have the time to write an update letter but I will make time to post on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We also have Fliker, Tumblr, WordPress and a few others along with our own website.

The last thing I want to discuss is Amazon. Though it is known to the world and all of our publications are able to be purchased from it, it is an entity outside of our company. Many times this year I have had to confront them about their systems. Everything from not having books available for sales on release dates to hiccups in the templates. Amazon frequently changes their policies to suit their business and it is not always friendly with Gnome On Pig Productions Incorporated business. It may be the best online book store but it is not the ONLY book store. There have been eBook sales that I have reports for during the 2018 year and because we must reach a minimum quota before they pay it out, I must go through my systems and make my books make sense for taxes. This means I have two choices to make. Let the money sit with Amazon and claim no book sales until the minimum is reached or to pay-out-of-pocket to the authors their royalty and wait for Amazon to pay up. In the past I have paid out of pocket to the authors and I will do the same this year. However, over the holiday the book sales were still lower than any other year so I do not know if there are any book sales to report. I am reading through data and will have a better look at the overall year by the end of January.

Well, everyone. I think that has covered most of 2018. Here’s to good health, good family and friends and to business growth in 2019.

Happy New Year!

Alexis Allinson

CEO of Gnome On Pig Productions Incorporated

March 2018 Updates from the Company


I (Alexis Allinson CEO of Gnome On Pig Productions) have been meaning to sit down and send out this update letter to all the authors, illustrators and artists who work with Gnome On Pig Productions. Every time I try, something new seems to pop up and add to my news.

First of all, I want to let you know we are working hard to get new books out for 2018. There have been a few hiccups that are not out of the ordinary. I promise…new books are on their way from current authors with Gnome On Pig Productions as well as some new additions!.

I also would like to update you all on our social media. Every day most of our social media channels are growing as a network. The only one that seems to be shrinking is the Facebook Fan Page. It seems that this is the least popular of the main three that we support. If you haven’t already subscribed to one of our pages, please do. Not only does it keep you up-to-date with our most recent news, but when you like a posting it helps stretch our network further and brings more attention to our company and our books. By being a part of one or all of our networks, it allows us to share things from work you are involved with beyond Gnome On Pig Productions. I will give the example of authors, Gary Beck, Edward Ahern and Mark Taylor. We often co-promote other work they are involved with and this is not at any additional charges to anyone. It is just the matter of clicking like or sharing.

Find our links on Facebook (, Twitter ( and Instagram (

Please make sure we know what pages you are on too! This way we can network together.

Next, I would like to address the website updates. We are going to start setting up author/illustrator/artist pages with your author image and a brief blurb about yourself and your books. If you would like to update any of these please send along new images and blurbs. We also would like a rundown of your website and other work even if they are not with Gnome On Pig Productions. Our company is not concerned with some advertising to another company or self-publication/productions as it only benefits us as a whole. We won’t go out of our way to promote anything beyond Gnome On Pig Productions, but we won’t avoid it either. If we co-promote it is better than sitting stagnate in our own little pool.

We are taking in submissions at the moment but they do close as of March 31st, 2018 due to the positive response. New authors, illustrators, and artists will be advertised and added to the Gnome On Pig Productions family. This makes it more exciting, as the company is growing not only in business awareness but with new additions too.

Gnome On Pig Productions fiscal year ended on December 31st, 2017. We are still running in the red, as every dollar we have made has been turned over and placed back into the company. We no longer have a silent partner which had been helping us with some of our production costs, but we will not be changing the premise we have built the company on. We do no upfront payments to authors, illustrators or artists unless it is deemed a great necessity and we do not charge any of our current authors, illustrators or artists fees for any of our work behind the scenes. We only gain royalties from sales. This has worked for us so far, so we feel no need to change this. Growing a company is hard work. Many times we feel like we are ignored, set back or even frustrated due to the lack of acknowledgment from another whether it is with the company, readers, or close acquaintances. Be assured that we are doing everything we can, within our means financially and as a network for everyone with the company. Unfortunately, you cannot make readers buy a book, but we sure are trying.

Contract changes will be coming with the new publications. This is an update and does not affect anyone already in contract or mutual continuation. This is being done for clarification purposes on some points. Once the updated contracts are ready, we will let you know. If you choose to want to read and compare your current contracts to the new ones and wish to sign up one of the current contracts we will facilitate that desire. Be aware if you do sign a new contract your current one will be void and the end date of the contract will be extended. If you are happy with the current contract you have, then we suggest you continue with it until the end of term where you can proceed on a month to month basis or sign with a new contract.

We also would like to draw attention to our success with Duotrop. We recently received this letter from them. The letter is exactly as follows:

Dear Editor,

On Thursday, August 6, 2015, we added a listing for Gnome On Pig Productions to our award-winning resource for writers of fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and visual art. We do everything humanly possible to ensure that your listing stays as up-to-date as possible, including checking your online guidelines page at least once a month. Every six months, we like to verify with you that the listing is still correct.

Please take a moment to check the listing and let us know if we need to make any corrections (only our admin team can make changes). The best way to contact us is by using our contact forms (listed below and also on your listing under the “Report” heading); unfortunately, emails may get blocked as spam.

Our listing for you:

We have confirmed the listing but encourage all of you to check it out further.

We also have changed accountants. Steve is still learning the ropes so please be patient. You can contact Steve or me at any time if you have questions or concerns. Like always, ask questions to get answers.

We are also on the verge of entering a partnership with two other production companies. We cannot say anything further until the final contracts are signed, we are in the negotiation process at the moment, but we caught their attention and can provide them with a service that is beyond their abilities. Announcements will be coming soon we are sure.

That is all the news to share for now.

Have a great day everyone!

Alexis Allinson

CEO of Gnome On Pig Productions

Book Submissions are OPEN!

Gnome On Pig Productions is OPEN for book submissions!                                                                                                                                                                banner_bookswith logos (2)

On January 15th, 2018, Gnome On Pig Productions is officially opened for book submissions.

Please go to the website and read the detail of these submissions from our homepage.

You can find the website at

We want all those who consider submitting work to know that this isn’t a FAST or EASY process.  It takes time to go through.  If you are looking for quick…this isn’t the publishing company for you.

Thank you to everyone and we look forward to seeing your work.


Gnome On Pig Productions staff




2018 has arrived!

2018 has arrived and as a part of Gnome On Pig Productions changing things up, we’re are becoming more interactive with our authors, illustrators, artists and those who follow us.

We are sharing more than we had previously in the hopes to extend the awareness to our company and the book we publish.  We also will be starting a business partnership with another company and more about that will be revealed as “t”s are crossed and “i”s are dotted.

Our CEO, Alexis Allinson will be doing more video blogging to help put a face to the company.  New ad campaigns for books will be frequent and we will be starting the “Ask The Gnome” program where questions will be answered on a bigger scale.

We hope you will come along with us for the journey.

Thank you from everyone at Gnome On Pig Productions!